Friday, June 19, 2009


Today while waiting for the rain to pass, I made some sweets called Turtles, they are a muggle candy.

I was in the woods yesterday when I found a squirrel's next that had walnuts still in the shell, it appeared not to have been lived in quite a while, so I did not feel bad taking them. I went to go and harass visit Cousin Wisteria but she was not around so I took borrowed some chocolate frog that I found. (I put the frogs in her bed. They are expensive)
There were some caramels in the community candy dish, thank you whom ever brought them. (I have never seen so much candy except in a store but this place has it coming out of every crack and corner.)

Making these googey bundles of joy is more work than any painstaking potion I have ever made. They taste so good, I hope my fellow Pixies enjoy them.

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